Joakim Noah writes farewell letter to Chicago

Noah and his agency release exclusive farewell letter to Chicago Tribune

Joakim Noah will get to play alongside a familiar face in Derrick Rose this upcoming NBA season when he suits up for the New York Knicks, the second-ever NBA team. But it’s evident Chicago will remain a special place to him despite his departure; he penned a letter saying goodbye to his first NBA home that was exclusively for the Chicago Tribune.

Noah thanked the city of Chicago, its people and all of the teammates he had during his time as a Bull. He even went as far as calling each one of his former Chicago teammates his “brothers.”

He also made it evident that he will maintain dedicated to Chicago.

The relationships I made in Chicago go far beyond basketball, and to me that is just as big as winning the championship. I wish the people in Chicago nothing but the best and I hope we can all continue to be united in bringing some peace to the city. The work to bring people together and build positivity throughout the neighborhood will continue through my foundation and many other great foundations throughout the city that my family and I will stay involved with.

I will continue to do my best to help this city. Chicago is home for the rest of my life, and my dream is still to help make the city a safer place for kids to grow up in.

Read Noah’s full letter on the Chicago Tribune.

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